Benefits of Liquid Gold Leaf


The product is produced in the UK using pure ingredients and is free of inferior chloride ingredients. No other producer has/is making anything comparable. Hydroponic ‘one part’ fertilisers are the closest, but these are extremely weak and contain insoluble and troublesome precipitate and/or are suspensions. For this reason, they have never been used commercially.

Contains Biorational ingredients, i.e. materials that only have a positive effect on the environment. There is no message of “Less harmful” or “Reduced risk of environmental damage”. Liquid Gold Leaf has only positive benefits when used according to instructions.


Contains Fully Soluble Calcium

The technical innovation of the formulation allows the inclusion of fully soluble calcium;

It has been demonstrated in numerous studies that calcium is essential to maximising yield, quality, prevent disease, and increase shelf life in numerous crops. There is, however, a worrying downward trend of calcium content in food crops produced from modern agricultural practices.

All ‘calcium only’ products are incompatible with NPK fertilisers meaning separate applications and increased labour costs. ‘Calcium only products’ are also not applied with the frequency of the NPK/micronutrient applications, and with calcium not being phloem-mobile, calcium addition in one big ‘hit’ may be of no use and symptoms of deficiency still occur.

Liquid Gold Leaf causes calcium to be mobile in the plant and is more effective than ‘calcium only’ treatments.

No Risk of Nutrient Precipitation

The minerals in Liquid Gold Leaf are fully chelated with organic acids; the form plants naturally use to absorb nutrients. Chelation protects against precipitation and scorch, which are common features of micronutrient fertilisers based on sulphates.

The nutrients in Liquid Gold Leaf are further protected from precipitation by the strong buffering capacity. Competitor products may be pH 3.0 in the bottle, but quickly turn to pH 7.0 once diluted. In comparison, Liquid Gold Leaf will keep fertigation feeds at the same pH even at a 1:500 dilution ratio.

Simplifies Hydroponics

Particularly suited to amateur hydroponic cultivation as Liquid Gold Leaf does away with ‘A’ and ‘B’ fertilisers and the need for pH correction.

Flexible Use

Can be used as a foliar spray, root drench or ‘one part’ hydroponic fertigation. Tank mix compatible with most agrochemicals, except alkaline products and sulphates.Conduct bucket test to confirm.