Customer trials with Liquid Gold Leaf

Updated: Jan 1, 2020

As some of you will know we have been sending out samples of Liquid Gold Leaf so we could see the results of ‘real life’ trials at home user level to balance the results we gained at professional level. - Here’s the latest result from an avid home gardener. Although not tested to lab conditions what you can see is LIquid Gold Leaf in the middle compared against the the two highest rated competitors at their advised application rates. The three same variety tomato plants were purchased together, soil carefully washed off, and suspended in the three solutions. - The results say it all, in growth and root development, showing the benefits of the technology behind Liquid Gold Leaf that means all the nutrients required for healthy growth are 100% soluble and readily available to the plant compared to the other two plants & fertiliser. - Click on our profile and follow the website link for further details on what we believe to be a real game changer in fertilisers and look out for out for our exciting launch in @growyourownmagnext month. Thank you 😊 . . #allotmentlife #allotment#vegetablegarden #vegan #veganfood#gyo #hydroponics #aquaponics#vegetables #healthyfood#gardenersofinstagram #ediblegarden#allotmentsofinstagram#growyourownfood #tomato#tomatoplant #qvcuk @qvcuk

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