Liquid Gold Leaf in Africa

Trials in Zimbabwe are making a big difference. We are delighted with the results as our mission to reduce & remove Petrol Chemical Fertilisers continues. LGL has replaced NINE such feeds on tomato, cucumber and lettuce crops and the farmers feedback includes- 🌱Reduced costs ✅ 🌱Increased yields ✅ 🌱Reduced disease ✅ 🌱Increased soil fertility ✅ 🌱Removed chemicals from fresh produce ✅ . HOW? . 🌱LGL is the worlds first feed to include fully soluble Calcium & all essential nutrients required for growth ✅ 🌱Biorational - only a positive impact on the Environment & Soil Microbes ✅ 🌱Vegan friendly✅ 🌱Designed to work on Soil & Semi/ Full Hydroponic systems ✅ 🌱 UK Researched, Developed & Manufactured ✅ .


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