Unique Indoor Plant feed

Why is Liquid Gold Leaf Indoors - UNIQUE - amongst ALL other Indoor fertilisers?

Well how about this

a FIRST to contain - EVERY essential plant nutrient - including FULLY SOLUBLE CALCIUM a key building block.

100% FULLY SOLUBLE ingredients - delivering an extremely concentrated source of GRADE A Minerals & Nutrients - with NO INFERIOR filler products.

NO Fertiliser SCORCH - our fully chelated formula PROTECTS against NUTRIENT LEACHING - unlike other micro-nutrient fertilisers.

Very LOW electrical conductivity (EC) - Cheaper products exert significant osmotic effects - LIMITING nutrient uptake and absorption.

Makes TAP WATER INSTANTLY plant-friendly - Includes technology that actively DECHLORINATES on contact - NO more waiting 24hours or purchasing distilled water.

Fully chelated ORGANIC acids - The exact same plants use NATURALLY to absorb nutrients - boosting GROWTH & PLANT HEALTH naturally not artificially.

pH optimized & buffered? - OH YES it can be done - NO more checking if your fertiliser has created ACIDIC or ALKALINE conditions.

a TRUE complete BIORATIONAL formulation - NO Petrol Chemical-based ingredients - only POSITIVE environmental benefits - "unless you throw the bottle at a Penguin”

PERFECTLY BALANCED for ALL growing substrates - Soil - Leca - Bark -Moss - Perlite - Coir - with NO need to wash out CHEMICAL RESIDUES periodically, unlike other fertilisers.

Fantastic results in HYDROPONICS & Propagation - SOoOoO simple to use , NO Chemistry Set or Degree needed - JUST POUR- GO - WATCH IT GROW

a NATURAL food source for BENEFICIAL MICROBES - which in turn , did you know, STIMULATE & PROMOTE ROOT & PLANT HEALTH - helping naturally CONTROL PESKY PESTS.

What does this all mean for you? - Well, how about QUICKER, HEALTHIER, Beautiful NATURAL GROWTH - plus….LESS time WORRYING - MORE time ENJOYING

What's everyone saying about - Liquid Gold Leaf ? - Check us out -

So, are you ready for a WHOLE LOT of UNIQUENESS? -

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Have a Lovely Green Day !

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