LGL Control


Effective pest control, no toxic ingredients!


A unique foliar spray that kills the most pernicious house plant pests without the use of conventional pesticides. LGL Control is effective against:

    • Red spider mites
    • Thrips 
    • Aphids (greenfly / blackfly)
    • Whitefly
    • Scale insects
    • Mealy bugs
    • Psyllids
    • Plus, LGL Control is effective at controlling powdery mildew infections by removing fungal spores


LGL Control uses advanced surfactant technology that irritates the invertebrate pest’s exoskeleton and disrupts its normal functioning. Owing to this mode of action LGL Control is not classified as a pesticide and is not classified as hazardous to humans or the environment.


While other products on the market also contain surfactants, LGL Control is an advanced formulation that is the ONLY product not to contain elements that are highly toxic to plants (specifically sodium).


Products based on sodium must have a very low surfactant concentration as otherwise the sodium would severely harm or kill the plants being treated. This low concentration means that they are often too weak to kill the pest. In contrast, LGL Control will eradicate key pests within a matter of a few days as it uses our exclusive sodium-free technology, which are in far higher concentrations than other products on the market.


You should always avoid sodium-based products as sodium is directly toxic to plants, even at very low concentrations. This is because:

    • Sodium disrupts cell membrane functions. Cells become weak and susceptible to environmental stress.
    • Sodium interferes with metabolism of potassium and calcium. This further weakens membranes and the cell wall. Flowering will be disrupted if potassium metabolism is impeded.
    • Sodium has a strong osmotic effect. As a sodium-based product dries out on the leaf surface, the sodium ions will pull water molecules out of the epidermal cells further weakening the plant.
    • Sodium will deflocculate the soil / growing media leading to root compaction.
    • Sodium will accumulate in the growing media disrupting root functioning and reducing cation exchange capacity (CAC).


LGL Control is a unique product you will not find under any other brand name.


LGL Control was invented and developed in the UK, and is exclusively manufactured in the UK.


Directions for Use

  • Spray LGL Control in the evening. This is when the pests are more active. Also, the surfactant coating will last longer on the leaf surface as evaporation is reduced, thus prolonging the product’s action.
  • Apply daily when you have a pest infestation until the pests are dead.
  • Do not apply if no infestation is present.
  • Spray evenly to both the upper and underside of the leaves. Cover 100% of the foliage.
  • Do not stop spraying until drips are falling from the leaf tips.
  • Apply daily when you have a pest infestation until the pests are dead.
  • Do not apply if no infestation is present; LGL Control is not a preventative pesticide.
  • Once the pest infestation has been eradicated by LGL Control, use in combination with biocontrol agents (parasitic wasps and predatory mites) to keep pest populations down. This will result in longer-term control as part of an Integrated Pest Management (IPM) strategy designed to illuminate the use of synthetic pesticides.
  • LGL Control can be applied during all stages of the plant life cycle. However, care should be taken with young seedlings with soft tissue.



If control of thrips is not achieved at the normal dilution rate, apply at double strength by halving the amount of water used. Temporary wilting may occur at higher dilution rates, so do not use as standard.


Spider mites

Remove as much web as possible before applying LGL Control.

Control of Spider Mites is always far easier when an infestation is caught early and treated. Use a hand lens to check the underside of leaves for pests on a regular basis. Once a web has fully formed it is far more difficult to fully eradicate, and the pests will cause permanent damage to the foliage. Leaf tissue damaged by the pest will not return to full health after treatment. (it will stay damaged), however, once free of an infestation, subsequent new growth should be health and lush.


Scale insect

LGL Control will be most effective when applied when the larval stages are active and moving around the plant.


For edible crops, LGL Control can be used up until day of harvest.

For optimal plant growth use in combination with Liquid Gold Leaf.

LGL Control is environmentally safe and will not harm bees.

LGL Control is classified as non-hazardous for supply and transport. All organic components of the product are biodegradable. Our products do not contain substances which are known to bioaccumulate when released into natural systems.

Store in a dry cool place (4-30 C). Keep out of reach of children. Protect from frost.


LGL Control - non toxic or pesticide pest control - COMING SOON

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