Hi, this is the same product & unique formulation as the Indoor version but uses the different application rates for outdoor use due to the greater variables in soil density, temperatures & rainfall.  


The world’s only liquid fertiliser to contain every essential plant nutrient

Liquid Gold Leaf is a revolutionary and innovative liquid fertiliser for all plants and crops. The technical advance is the inclusion of fully soluble calcium, formerly too difficult and expensive for liquid fertiliser. The current best selling liquid fertilisers do not have calcium on their list of ingredients, yet it is essential for healthy plant growth.


The formulation of Liquid Gold Leaf includes plant biostimulants, which have many roles in plant health and vigour. Biostimulants: reduces fertiliser requirements; help to make immobile nutrients, e.g. calcium, to flow around the plant for optimum nutrition; stimulate the plant’s self defence mechanisms for reduced need to apply chemical pesticides. Liquid Gold Leaf optimises plant health and growth.

Liquid Gold Leaf contains Biorational ingredients, i.e. materials that only have a positive effect on the environment. There is no message of “Less harmful” or “Reduced risk of environmental damage”. Liquid Gold Leaf has only positive benefits when used according to instructions.

Liquid Gold Leaf Outdoor 500ML - Please read added detail

SKU: Outdoor500ml
    • Soil /Compost based Substrates 4ml Per Litre, weekly.
    • Hydroponics 0.5ml Per Litre
    • Propagation 0.5ml Per Litre
    • Foliar Spray 0.5ml Per Litre 
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