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our story so far . . . 

At Liquid Gold Leaf, we are an award-winning collective of Bioagronomists, Doctors, and Plant Enthusiasts. As 'positive disruptors' in plant science, we bring innovative perspectives to the indoor houseplant community.


Our expertise spans across research, agronomy, and multimillion pound project  management, focusing on the natural symbiosis between plants and their environment for vibrant, holistic growth.

Our vision goes far beyond just plants and products. We're dedicated to cultivating an inclusive community, breaking down traditional barriers in plant care. We strive to make plant expertise, cutting-edge products, and educational resources accessible to everyone. In this endeavour, we proudly support and partner with:

  • The Plant Rescuer RHS-Backed 'Rescue Box' Scheme and her goal to reduce plant waste. 

  • The Green Rooms Market: Supporting independent businesses and education with botanical markets throughout the UK. 

  • Soil Ninja: Collaboration in the development of top-tier houseplant substrates.

We thank you for your support and invite you to join us in our journey towards creating a more naturally vibrant and greener community.


Please explore our site to learn more about our innovative products, partners, and stockists. 

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our ethos

"unlike conventional houseplant fertilisers and substrates, our approach adds, nurtures and grows the natural symbiosis between houseplants, fungi, microbes & bacteria, enhancing nutrient exchange, plant health,

and pest resilience as intended by nature"