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houseplant soil

Partner with us and leverage our diverse expertise to elevate your projects and products. Together, let's cultivate success and innovation in the world of plant science and agronomy.

Our Services  - 

healthly sports turf with Liquid Gold Leaf project management




Empowering Your Growth with Expert Solutions in Plant Science:

Transformative Product & Brand Development: At Liquid Gold Leaf, we specialise in Product and Brand Creation tailored to the dynamic needs of the gardening and agronomy industry. Our approach combines innovation with practical insights to develop products that resonate with your brand's vision and market trends.

Laboratory Services: Our UK-based laboratory is at the heart of our operation. We offer comprehensive Laboratory Services that can also include in-house blending, bottling, and fulfilment. These facilities are designed to support and streamline your product development process, ensuring quality and efficiency.

Global Agronomy & Construction Consultancy:  Our expertise extends beyond the lab. We provide Agronomy and Construction Consultancy, drawing on our rich experience in managing multimillion-pound projects and grassroots initiatives. From aiding farmers in Zimbabwe to increase yields with reduced chemical inputs, to consulting on global projects in Nicaragua, Iceland, Europe, and more, our team delivers solutions that transcend borders.

Innovative Solutions for Indoor & Outdoor Gardening:  Our passion lies in growing and creating bespoke solutions. Utilising the latest in ingredients, technology, analysis, and production methods, we bring cutting-edge expertise to traditional product markets. Our recent venture into indoor gardening has already made a significant impact, earning us a Gold Medal at the Chelsea Flower Show 2022 as part of the Plant Clinic show stand.

Your Gateway to Global Markets With our support: your products won't just meet the required standards – they'll stand out in the global marketplace. Let us be your partner in navigating the complex world of product registration in the EU and beyond. Together, we can unlock the potential of your products on a global scale.


Liquid Gold Leaf Soil Testing

nematodes helping mineralize
nutrients for root uptake 

fungi hyphae - check out why it's so important in the Soil Web page 

Lab' testing Photo+

on begonias 

house plant trials with photo+
House Plant Soil Samples
Liquid Gold Leaf testing
Liquid Gold Leaf Soil Health Testing
reducing pesticides in tomato growing with Liquid Gold Leaf
growing vegetables Trials in Zimbabwe
fertiliser for vegetables supporting plant health and yields

LGL helping farmers in Zimbabwe

growing in turf grass with Liquid Gold Leaf project management

RHS Chelsea flower
show 2022

LGL  Product Creation & Fulfilment Services
Bottling and fulfilment services by Liquid gold leaf

We can create 
products & brand
         for you!               

best fertilizers
Liquid Gold Leaf Golf management projectsJPG

Golf & sports pitch design
construction & lab services 

Liquid Gold Leaf Fertiliser
Liquid Gold Leaf Fertiliser
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