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Soil...just dirt or
         something more?

What the best houseplant soil
Liquid Gold Leaf Rhizo+


The cornerstone of all LGL’s creations and why we focus on sustaining this process rather than just fertilising!

Soil is a complex ecosystem, home to up to 10 billion bacterial cells per gram, especially around plant roots in the rhizosphere. This bustling microscopic community also includes fungi, actinomycetes, protozoa, and nematodes, all playing vital roles in global ecology and even the health of your house plants.

Liquid Gold Leaf Fertiliser

Fungi lassoing a nematode. 
Most nematodes are beneficial, eating bacteria & mineralizing nutrients for plant uptake but there are predatory types and thats why we need a healthy balance of organisms to manage this...
including within your 5 litre in pot!    

Liquid Gold Leaf Fertiliser

Symbiotic Relationships in House plant substrates: 
Plants have evolved to form symbiotic relationships with these soil organisms. They provide essential nutrients and protection to each other, creating a harmonious balance that defends against various pathogens, pests, and diseases.  


A healthy soil web won't allow one set of its members to get so strong as to destroy the web...its all about 'balance' and one we need to add back in as most growers supply plants in sterile substrates due to import & export regulations and the same for substrate manufacturers. 

The Impact of Growing Indoors:
Indoor environments can disrupt this natural balance. Abiotic stresses, like inadequate light, and biotic stresses from pests and diseases, can negatively affect the soil web. The use of non-biorational fertilisers, pesticides, and inappropriate watering practices further disrupt this delicate ecosystem. 

Abiotic Stress

Damage caused non-living things-

Over & Underwatering

Insufficient or Excessive Light

Low Humidity

Soil Drains Poorly or Too Freely

Temperature Extremes, Fungicides, Pesticdes, Insecticicdes

 High Salt index Fertilisers

Incorrect pH, EC

Water quality

 Biotic Stress 

Damage by living things -
Pest Insects
Plant Pathoge
ns & Diseases 
Fungi, Bacteria,
Viroids, Phytoplasma,

Monstera Plant care guide

Photosynthesis and Soil Health:
Light is essential for photosynthesis, enabling plants to produce the organic compounds vital for growth. However, indoor conditions often lead to insufficient light, triggering abiotic stress. Our passion for variegated houseplants face additional challenges due to their reduced chlorophyll levels.

Enhancing Light for Indoor Plants:
To counteract light deficiencies, consider using our new organic and natural product, Photo+, designed to boost photosynthesis and reduce stress. Additionally, modern grow lights can supplement natural light, but remember to simulate natural day-night cycles for optimal plant health.


how to help house plants photosynthesise with LGL photo+
House Plant grow Lights working with Liquid Gold Leaf
Liquid_Gold _leaf_Photo+
Liquid Gold Leaf Photo+ trails to increase house plants photosynthesis

Part of LGL Photo+ trials on Begonia Maculata 

The Energy of Soil Life:
All soil organisms need energy from organic sources. They consume carbon from plants or waste products from other organisms. A healthy soil is a dynamic eat-and-be-eaten world. Liquid Gold Leaf, our special biorational product, is designed to support this thriving ecosystem and supplies these requirements in a safe format they recognise. 

Building Soil Structure:
The soil web contributes to soil structure. Bacteria and fungal hyphae bind soil particles together, creating air spaces vital for root growth. Choosing the right substrate and fertiliser is crucial for maintaining a healthy soil web.

Maintaining Balance in the Soil Web.  We work with Soil Ninja to develop these principles. 

The Role of ExudatesPlants secrete organic compounds, known as exudates, through their roots. These exudates feed beneficial soil bacteria and fungi, reinforcing the symbiotic relationship crucial for a healthy soil web.


Liquid Gold Leaf Fertiliser
Liquid Gold Leaf Fertiliser Microbes

Revitalise Your Plants with the LGL Soil Web Approach:

Our products are designed to nurture the vital soil web, a complex ecosystem of microorganisms essential for plant growth. By enhancing the natural symbiotic relationships between plants and soil life, LGL products ensure your indoor plants thrive, even under challenging conditions.

Our products not only foster robust plant growth but also contribute to a sustainable and balanced ecosystem right in your home.

Take the First Step Towards Healthier Plants Visit our Product Page to explore our range of soil-enhancing solutions, and start your journey to a greener, more vibrant indoor plants!


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