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Healthy Soils =                       Healthy Plants.. 

Uniquely Biorational 

In the past decade, biorational pest control methods have significantly advanced. Now, we're introducing a innovation in plant nutrition: LGL biorational fertilisers.


Unlike traditional house plant fertilisers, LGL products work in harmony with the plant's microbiome, nurturing rather than destroying the beneficial microbes essential for plant health.

Key Benefits of Using LGL Biorational Fertilisers:

Enhanced Plant Growth: By supporting symbiotic microbes, LGL fertilisers promote healthier, more robust plants.

Disease Resistance: These microbes help plants resist diseases.

Stress Tolerance: Plants become more resilient against abiotic and biotic stress.

Natural Hormone Production: Microbes aid in producing essential plant hormones and help reduce harmful gases. 

Root Stimulation: Encourages stronger root growth.

Nutrient Solubilisation: Increases the availability of essential nutrients.

Discover more about the science behind LGL fertilisers and their benefits on our Soil Web page.


Our innovative approach not only enhances indoor plant growth but also contributes to a healthier ecosystem.

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nom nom... protozoa hunting for bacteria whilst breaking down organic matter .... all our products promote this amazing
symbiotic relationship 


The sophisticated formulation of LGL products is meticulously designed to protect soil organisms. Key features include the careful selection of ingredients and water sources to maintain the right pH and EC levels, effectively safeguarding soil health. Notably, our formula instantly dechlorinates tap water and introduces a breakthrough in plant nutrition – the provision of fully soluble calcium.


Additionally, all nutrients in LGL are readily available to plants, ensuring there’s no bioaccumulation or depletion of vital soil microorganisms.

Liquid Gold Leaf Lawn lawn fertilisers
Liquid Gold Leaf fertiliser fertiliser for vegetables
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