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Liquid Gold Leaf -

Chelsea Gold Medal Winner 2022
Plant Clinic Show Stand


Our aim in creating The Plant Clinic for The RHS Chelsea FlowerShow is to educate houseplant owners on how to reduce the stress our plants             experience in our homes, and how to increase plants health and           well-being.   A lack of knowledge and improper care can contribute          to the cycle of buying and killing plants.

whats the best plant food for indoor plants

         The Plant Clinic aims to break this

               cycle by demonstrating simple adjustments and additions can                     increase the health and longevity of plants such as the                                correct substrate, light, humidity, and plant food.                                         Increasingly, houseplants are being viewed                                                   as short-lived disposable items, much like a wilted                                 bunch of flowers but with some basic care, they can live

               for decades and even become heirlooms.  

  The aim of the Plant Clinic is to help people do this.

natural plant food
Liquid Gold Leaf Outdoor
 A huge thank you to our gorgeous friends for inviting LGL to be part of the amazing 'Plant Clinic team

Mark & Emily @ 'Happy House Plants' Online Plant Experts  

                                            &               Sarah aka 'The Plant Rescuer' IG Influencer, Plant Guru & Author
The Plant Rescuer
ITV This Morning healthy House Plants

Yay..... we made it to ITV's This Morning show talking about 'How to Keep House Plants Healthy'  Great to see the topic getting some recognition, healthy feeds & substrates plus good plant care  = healthy plants 

Liquid Gold Leaf ITV This Morning
Liquid Gold Leaf -
ITV's How To Keep Your Houseplants Healthy 
Liquid Gold Leaf ITV Good Morning
Soil Ninja substrates kinda in love with
these dirty guys
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