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Introducing LGL Rhizo+ - the ultimate solution for indoor houseplant health.

Our product contains a unique blend of carefully selected microbiological and extract-based biostimulants that work together to improve the overall health of your plant's substrate and promote growth and development.


Do you struggle with issues related to substrate microbial health? Common problems such as insufficient microbial activity, the use of sterile or chemically treated soils, the absence of organic matter, or the presence of disease-causing pathogens can all negatively impact your indoor houseplants. LGL Rhizo+ addresses these issues by introducing a consortium of beneficial fungi and bacteria into the substrate.


Our product contains mycorrhizal fungi which form a symbiotic relationship with plant roots, helping them to efficiently extract nutrients from the soil. The Trichoderma fungi in Rhizo+ protect your plants against fungal diseases, while the beneficial bacteria improve soil quality and structure and provide effective protection against diseases.


Additionally, Rhizo+ contains humates, which are powerful root growth stimulants, and plant saponins which can stimulate root growth and increase the microbial population in the soil. LGL Rhizo+ is perfect for all types of indoor houseplants.


Our product is fully active and contains no fillers, unlike many of our competitors. It is easy to use, simply mix the product with water and apply it to the substrate.


You'll notice the difference in no time with stronger, healthier roots, increased nutrient uptake, and enhanced resistance to pests and pathogens. Plus, with our product's ability to improve soil structure and water retention, you'll save on water usage while still seeing optimal growth and development.


For more information on the relevance of beneficial bacteria colonizing the root zone, please visit our page on The Soil Web.

Liquid Gold Leaf Rhizo +

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